Makerspace User Agreement

The Makerspace is available to members who meet the following requirements:

A Lincoln Public Library card in good standing.

14 years of age or older. We are working towards lowering this requirement to the age of 10. Users under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The parent or guardian will be the primary user.

Completion of the Makerspace User Agreement form.

For minors between the ages of 14-17 using the space independently, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is also required.

Makerspace User Agreement Form

Please review the practices and guidelines set forth below:

Acceptance of, and compliance with these provisions is required for your use of the makerspace and the tools, equipment and materials provided within.

Users under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The parent or guardian is considered the primary user and must supervise any children in their care while in the Makerspace.

Prior to using the Makerspace, the user must complete a Makerspace User Agreement form. A note will be placed in the user’s library account indicating that a signed agreement form is on file.

Upon arrival to the Makerspace, the primary user is required to check-in with a staff person and present his or her Lincoln Public Library card. Library cards are not transferable.

Equipment must be used in the Makerspace and cannot be taken off-site.

Makerspace equipment is available on a first-come first-served basis.

The user may access Makerspace equipment for a maximum of 2 hours per day. Extensions may be granted based on availability and at the discretion of library staff.

The library reserves the right to make advanced reservations for programs and events.

All 3D prints must be completed 30 minutes prior to closing time. No print jobs are to be sent with less than 30 minutes to closing.

3D printed items that are not picked up within 14 days will become property of the Library.

The library does not accept responsibility if a project is destroyed, does not print or cut correctly, does not work, or if any of the users’ personal equipment or materials are damaged while accessing any of the library’s makerspace equipment.

The Makerspace may be used for lawful purposes only and cannot be used to create content that is: Prohibited by provincial or federal law. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or poses an immediate threat to the wellbeing of others. Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment. The user assumes responsibility for complying with applicable intellectual property laws.

By signing this user agreement, you the user, and/or the parent or legal guardian signing on behalf of your child, agree to:

Comply with this Makerspace Agreement Form and 3D Printing Policy as well as any subsequently published Makerspace practices or policies relating to the Lincoln Public Library Makerspace.

Be held liable should any damage be incurred to either the space or the equipment resulting from the lack of knowledge, familiarity, or training with the space, and the equipment occupying the space.

Return equipment in the same condition in which it was issued, barring normal wear and tear, and agree to pay the costs associated with the equipment damage, loss, or cleaning, if the user’s intentional or negligent actions caused the damage or loss.

Release and hold the Library harmless from any claims of personal injury, property damage, or any other loss in connection with the use of the Makerspace, including the equipment, tools, and materials therein. I, the undersigned, agree to take full responsibility for the actions of myself and/or my child. I am aware that Lincoln Public Library staff may temporarily or permanently suspend access to persons who fail to follow the established guidelines and rules set out in this form.

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