Fine Free, Forever!

In March 2020, Lincoln Pelham Public Library suspended late fees as a response to the pandemic. As of January 1, 2022, we’re excited to announce we’re staying fine free, forever!

Fees for lost and damaged materials will continue to apply. Fines will also apply to special collections in our Library of Things, including WiFi hotspots, launchpad learning tablets, musical instruments, park passes, nature backpacks, and fishing kits

Why is the library going fine free?

Lincoln Pelham Public Library strives to provide equal access to materials and services for everyone in our community. Overdue fines can create barriers that negatively affect individuals of varying economic or social backgrounds. 

As always, we expect cardholders to borrow responsibly and return materials on time and in good condition. If you require longer with an item, please renew it by logging into your account or calling your local branch. If an item is needed for a hold, please return it as soon as possible as a courtesy to other library users. 

What if I have existing fines on my library card?

As of January 1, 2022, existing fines have been removed from all Lincoln Pelham cardholder accounts. Fees for lost or damaged materials still apply.

What happens if materials are overdue?

 Borrowed materials will continue to have due dates. Due dates will be listed on your checkout receipt and on your online account

 Where possible, a courtesy reminder is emailed 24 hours before an item is due. A first overdue notice is sent when an item is 7 days late. A final notification is sent when items are 21 days late. 

 After 60 days, an overdue item is marked as lost. A replacement fee will be charged to your account, plus a $3 processing fee. If the item is returned, the fee is removed.

 After six months, any charges for lost or damaged items are permanent and nonrefundable. You will receive a printed bill by mail. If the item is located, it is yours to keep. 

We’re here to help. If you have concerns about your account, please stop by the library or call your local branch. 

How can I support the library?

Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. You can donate at your local branch or online.

For service updates, visit and follow us on social media.